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Thank you for taking the Orases Software Solution Assessment Survey.

The Orases Software Solution Assessment Survey is a quick self-assessment tool that allows you to determine whether off-the-shelf software is best suited for your current software project or would it be best served by a unique custom software solution tailored to your business needs.

The survey consists of 16 questions organized in 4 different question categories. For each question you will be given 3 answers, simply choose the answer that BEST resembles your current thinking or situation.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes and you will be given your results at the end along with an opportunity to reach out to Orases for a free consultation with one of our Business Advisors.

Click below to take a free self assessment survey to see what path is right for you.

What is the problem?

Do you believe the issues you are trying to solve are unique to your business approach?

Yes they are unique.

Somewhat unique.

My entire industry has the same challenge.

Do you have existing systems that are critical for new applications to interface with in order to operate successfully?

There are numerous existing systems which must integrate.

There are a few existing systems which must integrate.

There is no system integration required.

Do you have manual workflows that give you a competitive advantage that could be automated or made more efficient through new software automation?

Yes, we believe we have internal processes that make us unique or better at what we do that other similar organizations.

We are not sure what others are doing, but we do use internal process to be more efficient.

No, we do things in a pretty standard way which most like-organizations duplicate.

Is the software solution / path you are considering only for internal use or will the system need to interact with outside parties (suppliers, customers, members, etc.)?

It must support both internal and external users.

We are not sure yet.

It is internal only.

Do you have disparate systems housing valuable data or creating redundant work?

Yes that is a key issue in our organization.

We do have disparate systems but are not sure what bringing them together could do for us.

No, we do not have disparate systems.

Do you believe that technology can help you create a market, cost, or time advantage versus your competitors or help you engage your customers better?

We believe technology can be a major differentiator for us.

We believe technology can help our organization be somewhat more competitive.

We do not believe technology is a fundamental differentiator for our business.

Do you have Ownership/Control?

How difficult would it be to modify your internal processes in significant ways to work within the constraints of a technology platform that was not specifically developed for your organization?

This would be a significant challenge as our processes are fairly important and refined.

It would be difficult but not impossible.

Our processes are highly flexible and we would adjust to any solution.

Do you have internal resources that could define technology requirements that could lead to more business efficiencies for your organization?

Yes we have internal IT managers, process experts, or process owners that understand our challenges end-to-end.

We have some internal expertise but could also use help defining our technology roadmaps and IT approaches.

We do not have any internal expertise in IT or technology.

Do you have Flexibility?

Are you constantly concerned or limited by functionality in the software applications you are using today?

Yes, we find that our existing software solutions are constantly limiting our business.

It varies.

No, most of the software we use works effectively for our needs.

Is your business expanding or expected to expand significantly over the next 12-36 months?

We are growing significantly.

We might be growing but still TBD on how fast.

We are not growing.

For off-the-shelf software solutions you are using today, have you encountered issues when you have tailored these solutions for your organization only to be forced into an upgrade by the supplier?

Yes, this has happened numerous times.

We do not tailor off the shelf solutions to our business.

No, we have not encountered this.

Are you presently experiencing frustrations associated with software bugs or missing features on software products you currently use?

Yes, we constantly are hampered by support or missing features.

It is system dependent but at times issues do arise.

No, we make do easily with what we have in place.

How much value do I put on future flexibility to change and modify my workflows based on the way my company evolves?

This is of high value to me.

It is moderately valuable.

I do not value this very much.

What is your Budget/Cost and Timeline?

If you could get a perfect solution for a problem but pay $1000 up front to get it, or have an adequate solution with issues but have to pay $50 per month forever...which would you prefer?

I'd pay the $1000 upfront to get exactly what I need.

I really don't know.

I'd pay the $50 per month and accept the challenges that come.

How large is your user base for the problem you are looking to solve with a software solution?

> 20 users.

Between 5 and 20 users.

< 5 users.

What are the time constraints for implementing a software solution?

We need to start ASAP but we have the time to do things right in order to get a great solution.

If we see tremendous value in a unique solution we would make the time to get it to work.

We must install something immediately (next 30-60 days) even if it doesn't fully solve our issues.


While we make every effort to predict the outcome of most situations, sometimes you just have to fill out all the answers first.

Your business needs are best addressed by a custom software solution .

Here are the most likely reasons for this recommendation:
  • The issues you are facing are unique to your particular business. Most off the shelf solutions attempt to solve highly common issues.
  • You have numerous systems that need interfaced which will likely require extensive integration.
  • You have an opportunity to really differentiate your business with process automation best done with a tailor-made software platform.
  • Your process are fundamental to how you do business and your software must work within those processes.
  • You are expanding rapidly or commonly frustrated by existing software limitations.
  • You have a large user base needing to access the system.

You are an ideal candidate for custom software - which happens to be Orases specialty. We would love to chat more about your goals as an organization. Would you like to schedule a call with one of our Business Advisors?

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Your business needs are can be addressed by a custom software or off the shelf solution.

Here are the most likely reasons for this recommendation:
  • Custom software is ideal when addressing unique business issues to your organization, where having to interface with numerous systems and users is likely, when the users can be both internal and external to your organization, and when there are opportunities to create a competitive advantage or better customer experience if aspects of your business were automated. Your responses indicated that some of these things were important to your business.
  • Off-the-shelf solutions are ideal when interfacing with a small internal workforce with limited system integration and/or when your internal processes are flexible enough to adjust to how a catalog solution works out of the box. It appears that you might have a small user base or highly-flexible business processes.

Ultimately, the best decision for your organization comes down to what you value most and where you are headed as an organization over the medium to long-term. Would you like to schedule a free consultation with one of our Business Advisors to discuss the pros and cons of both solution paths?

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Your business needs are best addressed by an off the shelf solution .

Here are the most likely reasons for this recommendation:
  • The issues you are facing are fairly common for your industry. It is very possible that off the shelf solutions exist to address your needs.
  • Your business processes are flexible and or fairly fluid and therefore can be flexible to accommodate an off-the-shelf software platform "stricter" feature sets.
  • You only have internal users of the system so you don’t have to worry about external interfacing.
  • You have a small user base needing to access the system and therefore per user charges associated with off-the-shelf software systems should not be too cumbersome.

For the project you are contemplating you appear to be best suited to consider off-the-shelf software options. If you feel like these options do not exist, you feel like this is the wrong conclusion, or you just want to be kept up to speed on cool projects in your industry solved with unique software solutions simply let us know and we would be happy to chat further.

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